Come, lets sing unto God



IN- the words of the founder Israel Dzangare “no matter what, do not drop out in the National Choir Festival competition. The choir kept those words at heart, managed to bring several trophies home and they have been promoted to the large category.


In 1995 Israel Dzangare decided to join the prestigious competition in South Africa to compete under the Limpopo province. The choir traveled there every year and they never stopped. This decision made choral music in Zimbabwe grow because of the exposure which was given to CHS choristers who later on spread the same exposure to church choirs and school choirs.

The journey in the Old Mutual National choir festival was not easy for Chitungwiza harmony singers (CHS).The road was bumpy all the way with ups and downs sometimes the choir will reach to some breaking points without the hope of rising again. Through perseverance and a strong Christian foundation CHS managed to maintain its brand as the best Choir in the country.


CHS for the past three years 2015, 2016 and 2017 among other previous years 2000,2005,2007 and 2012 respectively managed to take the first position in the regional championship. This made them qualify for the finals in South Africa and with this the Old Mutual team decided to promote the choir to the large category for 2018 due to consistency. The choir is so excited to take part in this category and they have also recruited twenty five new amazing voices to prepare for this challenging category.



Large category compromises of the big choirs and they are given complex music as prescription and placing is based on points. Only ten best choirs will be represent their province or country at the finals. National Choir Festival (NCF) has more than fifty large choirs registered with them so this is going to require CHS to work extra hard to be part of the top ten choirs this year.





A mellifluous array of melodious arias is in store for classical choral musical lovers in Harare as two choirs of great stature and musical experience collide to offer a first of its kind musical performance never witnessed before when the Chitungwiza Harmony Singers team up with the Goganza University Chamber Choir in a show themed, Unclouded Music of Hope at the National Art Gallery in Zimbabwe on the 3oth of May.

goganza chamber-singers

Goganza University Chamber Choir 

A cultural exchange program, will see the duo perform repertoires from different cultures from within the two choirs origins and even an unexpected performance of traditional dances and a couple of more surprises.


Chitungwiza Harmony Singers

The prompt for such a musical, cultural and diverse coupling of minds and great voices is a result of the black History month celebrations held at the N.A.G.Z, that received international acclaim and has seen word spread to choirs far and wide.

The two choirs conducted by Dr. Timothy Westerhaus and Arnold Dzangare is a testimony of the choirs’ on going achievements within the choral music scene in Africa and the resounding success of the choirs efforts to further its musical knowledge.

The lilting performance has been tunefully priced at only a $1, saving you enough in your pocket to quench a thirst from the heated performances.

Come and witness a great feast for the ears and a cross of cultures that will create a future of musical relationships Zimbabwe will love forever.


BEST WISHES FOR Molly Dzangare 

Chitungwiza Harmony Singers would like to take this opportunity to wish our  Molly Momo Dzangare all the best as she audition for the Belvedere opera competition in CapeTown . 

May the good Lord be with you through and through

 shine and make us proud😘😘😘😘.

Chitungwiza harmony singers take up music lessons.

Chitungwiza Harmony Singers (CHS) take up music lessons.

The Award winning CHS has in ernest started what is going to be a music academy. The choir has been in the choral music for years and has decided that it is time to take their existence to another level, by establishing a college of music.

Beginning in March 2017, CHS has started theory and practical music lessons for its choristers to have an advanced know how in reading notes and staff notation for all its choristers. Initially targeting choir members, and members only, the project is set to expand to people of all walks of life in the not so far future.

With this first of its kind initiative, the members will each get a chance to study music notation and vocal coaching and playing instruments. The lessons are led by the Choir Director (Arnold) and the Technical Team (Moses and Molly). The trio will tap into the vast musical knowledge of one Mr. Thompson Gweshe, a renowned master in music who recently joined CHS and was immediately seconded to the Technical bench by the Executive Committee. Mr Gweshe’s musical profile is one which any artist can just but marvel.

The idea of the music school will ensure that the group members are internationally at par with other choirs. It will increase their level of competence on various music matters including including interpretation and voice projection. Thus will reduce the time it takes to interpret music and master a piece (scoresheet).

The choir had been depending mainly on the masters deciphering seemingly complicated notation and feeding them with ready to sing tonic solfa, which gets the work done but is time consuming for a choir that at times has to perform in a matter of weeks for various occasions. Ensuring the whole 80 (wo)man strong choir learns how to read music will go a long way in getting repertoires ready for their many events.

In essence, music lessons commenced on the 26th of March 2017 at CHS home ground, Dudzai Primary School in Chitungwiza. The classes are incorporated within normal rehearsals taking only the first 30 minutes before their normal weekly routine. As time progress, an evaluation of the uptake will be done as a foundation to establish resources to setup a musical college.

While the program is going to benefit the choir at large, it will also benefit all individuals in that after finishing the whole program up to the grade 5 level, the person can even attain a degree in musicology if s/he wishes to advance. This will empower the mostly unemployed youths to take up professions in music and irk a living. 

The course has been structured in a manner that participants will be able to sit public exams with Associated Board of the  Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and the Zimbabwe College of Music (ZCM) to attain reputable certification in music to degree level and beyond.

Choristers are so excited to take part in this initiative for it will not only benefit them musically but it will also improve downstream benefits to church choirs and other. A larger number of singers in CHS come from other smaller choirs within the city and it is vital to further send a ripple effect of music knowledge within the Harare and possibly go country wide.

The program is currently being administered by the CHS Executive Committee at almost no cost to the choristers, except for a few photocopying charges here and there to cover class material. Adverts for public enrolment will be sent out as soon as all logistics have been put in place. 

8National Art Gallery hosts the Harmony Singers for a celebration of Black History Month.

The National Art Gallery in Harare will celebrate Black History month (which is largely not an African celebration but ought to be) by hosting the Chitungwiza Harmony Singers crooning the old sweet revolutionary songs whilst showcasing a large diverse art depicting and celebrating the work and life of important African people that have left a legacy in the world.


The choir during a black tie event


The 80 member strong group is delighted to be back at a venue where they are very familiar with and have loved singing in since the early 200’s. Growing in strength and numbers and recently attending the finals of the much acclaimed Old Mutual National Choir Festival 2016 held in Johannesburg, the choir is eager to have their voice heard by the masses in their own background and be celebrated and reckoned just as they are by art and choral lovers within the rest of the Southern African Region.

The invitation by the gallery is testimony to their ongoing achievements within the choral music scene. It is by the same vein that their ongoing battle to put choral music in Zimbabwe hastened Old Mutual to bring the regional finals of their yearly festival to Harare for the very first time within the history of the show, attracting and forcing a large group of South African choral music lovers to travel and appreciate for the very first time, Harare, which to many would have not ever happened.

The group’s repertoire for the event is simple, Negro Spirituals, touching solo movements by renowned soloist and daughter to founder Israel, Molly Dzangare who will be joined by an old member of the group Judith Gwande amongst others.

The choral music landscape in Zimbabwe is largely dominated by church choirs and CHS is amongst the few inter-denominational choirs that seek and accept members from all walks of life.


Going through their repertoire in Chitungwiza for Black Month show.

‘The precursor to Black History Month was created in 1926 in the United States, when historian Carter G. Woodson and the Association for the Study of Negro Life and History announced the second week of February to be “Negro History Week.”[1] This week was chosen because it coincided with the birthday of Abraham Lincoln on February 12 and of Frederick Douglass on February 14, both of which dates Black communities had celebrated together since the late 19th century.[1] ‘ Wikipedia

Be sure to catch them this coming Friday the 24th and be transformed with their powerful voices because nothing beats a spiritual sung by the greatest choir that has ever graced Zimbabwe, CHS!

Entry is $5 and full bar available.

CHS’ big BOOM in Bloem!

And so here we are, basking in the glory of being crowned top choir within the whole of Southern Africa at the just ended Old Mutual National Choir Festival in Bloemfontein. BUT, before I rave on and on about what the region is saying about CHitungwiza Harmony Singers, here are the results:
1 Simon Estes Alumni 86.20%
2 Prince Mshiyeni Choir 82.90%
3 Chitungwiza Harmony 82.80%
1 Simon Estes Alumni 84.60%
2 Prince Mshiyeni Choir 84.40%
3 African Serenade Project 80.20%
1 Simon Estes Alumni 86.20%
2 Chitungwiza Harmony Singers 83.60%
3 Prince Mshiyeni Choir 83.00%
According to the Old Mutual Home Page, “During the course of the year, more than 300 choirs from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Lesotho and Swaziland took part in this competition. It started with the district elimination in March, followed by regional championships, and culminated with the national finals.
Kopano Chorus and Gauteng Choristers from Gauteng came second and third in the large category, winning R90 000 and R80 000 respectively. Second in the standard category and winning R64 000 was Prince Mshiyeni Choir from KwaZulu-Natal, with Chitungwiza Harmony Singers from Zimbabwe placed third and taking home R54 000.”
This we must say is not an easy feat to accomplish bearing in mind that we have a huge number of great South African Choirs performing at bigger stages than that of CHS but needless to say, we are a force to reckon with.
“Old Mutual has proudly supported this beautiful cultural event for the past 28 years and it’s been thrilling to watch it grow into the spectacular showcase of choral art that it is today,” said Karen Thomas, Head of Brand at Old Mutual.
“Choral music has a huge following in Southern Africa and we are excited to be a part of something that is so inspiring and touches so many people’s lives in such a positive way,” added Thomas.
During and after the performance of CHS, social media was awash with praises of their performance which tipped the votes to their favor. At a huge stage like this, the listening ears never lie.
Its a job well done for CHS and my only wish is that they start moving up into the Large Section and battle it out with the greater choirs, here they will have to work extra hard, employ more talent and sing more, which I know they love to do.
2015 has ended on a great note for the choir, what does 2016 hold? Only time will tell.
Halala CHS Halala!


For three nights in July, the Reps Theatre in Belgravia will be transformed into a somewhat haven for praises and chorals from the award winning Chitungwiza Harmony Singers.

The Chitungwiza Harmony will be back in concert for the first time in 2014 at the Harare International School of the 28th of February. This will be very show for the award winning choral group and will set the much desired tone for the relatively new year. This and a list of other shows lined up will assist the choral group endeavours for the year and will seek to promote choral music more. The country has a large following in choral music and such shows will help in promoting the genre. A lot of musicians and music lovers have shunned the genre and it seems it has been sidelined for the new “pop” ways of entertaining. Harare International School, which supports classical music will make it easier for the CHS to highlight their music and their love thereof. Tickets will be sold at the school and bring a friend and experience world class music at its best

Tone set for 2014, CHS geared up to climb dizzy heights

Speaking at the first ever practise session for the Chitungwiza Harmony Singers, the director and son to the founder of the group, Anold Dzangare, said “We have moved from another year to a brand new one. We need to let go of the mistakes and failures that we met along the way and discover newer ways of making the group relevant to the times. In that same tone, we need to reclaim what is ours, being the winners in the Limpopo province and always compete at the highest level of Southern African Choral Competitions hosted by Old Mutual South Africa”

The choir had its first training day yesterday and were happy to meet after a long break from singing. Among the joys of meeting once again, the choir welcomed a few new faces that joined in and were happy to become part of this world renowned choral group. There would be no more invitations, sadly fro those willing to become part of the group as the choir has already started learning the new 2014 songs for competitions. This reduces the work covered by the group, when they constantly have new members during the year. The director, Anold, was happy to see the dream and legacy of his father being supported by many aspiring musicians within the two cities (Harare and Chitungwiza) who braved the rain for the opening day.

The group is hoping to endeavour in many projects throughout the new year and be a strong supporter of choral and classical music as has been seen by the large number of the group’s members performing in Zimbabwe’s elite music festivals such as HIFA. Once again this year, it will be amongst the musicians on the much anticipated showcase. It too has not been spared by the current slump in music funding and support, but it continues to work tirelessly to see the music growing.

Watch the space for more info on the CHS work and shows, and be sure to come listen to choral/classical music of a highest calibre.

Welcome to 2014

We are happy to be back in 2014 with more singing and more dancing from the active group members. As usual as the year starts, the CHS are always looking and scouting for new talent. If you are one of those talented soloists and choristers hoping to embrace the call of ‘singing to the Lord’

Please make us of the following numbers to book an audition:

Choir Director 0772628806

Choir Director 0733391871

or simply use this platform to get in touch with us and we will simply contact you back.

Come let us sing for the Lord!